Baking Birthday Cookies

Here are some videos of Kalli baking birthday cookies for tito Santi and tito Omar:

Kalli Turns 4

Here are some videos from Kalli's 4th birthday party:



Pictures can be viewed here: (password: kiara)

I'll try to make a supplier rating and birthday "kwento" in another post. But for now, enjoy the pics and videos :)

We're Real

Kalli asked her dad, "Dad, is someone reading us from a book? Is someone watching us on DVD?" Her dad answered, "Hmmm, maybe God is reading us from His book." Kalli replied, "No dad, we're real! We're real, right?". Her dad asked her then, "How do you come up with these questions, Kalli?" Kalli then said, "You know, I keep thinking of stuff. My brain keeps thinking of stuff."

Hahaha, the things you think about Kalli :)

I Love You Forever

Kalli went to the mall with her dad today. She came home with this, for me :) She read the print on it saying "I love you forever". Then she said, "I bought you this so that even if I get angry at you, you'll look at it and remember that I still love you forever". I'm so blessed to have the sweetest kid! :)

School Kwento

Kalli: Do you know what my teacher told me while I was eating earlier?
Mommy: What did she tell you?
Kalli: She told me I'm smart.

Well of course she is! We all know that, right? :D

Kid's Top Model

Tabblo: Kid's Top Model

Kalli saw me watching America's Top Model on TV one day. The next day, she wanted to play "model model". She wanted her dad to take her picture, call her name, then give her the picture :D



... See my Tabblo>

OB Open House Videos

These videos were taken during Kalli's Open House at school. Mommy, daddy, and tita LA were so excited to finally see Kalli in class :)

These were only half the class. It's a mixed class of Junior Casa, Junior Advance, and Advance Casa. I hope Kalli's not the smallest girl :(

Pictures can be found here:

Kalli Packing Away

What is the weather? Are you sleepy, Kalli?

Let's Sing

Itsy and Twinkle

The Wheels on the Bus

Makulit na Hello - Oh-oh, I think she's bored now

That's it! Enjoy!